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  Barefoot Confidential 15
Barefoot Confidential 15

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Dvd Code: KA12820
Price: £21.00
Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
Director: Andre Madness
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Jenna Haze
Jessie J


In Barefoot Confidential 15, Jenna Haze is a college girl with size five feet, and rumour around campus is that the school janitor totally loves tootsies. "Who gets off on girls' feet?" she wonders with almost a tinge of disgust. Joel Lawrence is the somewhat simple janitor, delivering a comedic performance as he struggles with the word "panties" when Haze tells him she's in detention for not wearing any. Her sentence? Foot exercises to make her a better cheerleader. Lawrence is overcome by the sight of her red-tipped toes stretching and wriggling much to Haze's delight, and he can't help himself from grabbing, rubbing and kissing them. Soon the two are engaged in a furious fuck, her feet on prominent display. Hot doesn't describe it accurately. Size six Jessie J is up next. When Jessie gets distracted by the pretty flowers, Madness takes advantage of the opportunity and drops something into her drink, making her sleepy. Madness "makes her more comfortable" on the bed by undoing some of her cumbersome clothing. When she awakens she asks, "Why didn't you just say you wanted to play with me?" Madness directs her into a sultry striptease, much of which is done with foot focus. Madness can't stay out of the action for long, doffing his pants so Jessie can jack off his huge, uncut cock with her lubed-up feet. He hoses down her feet, shins, stomach, hands and the bed in gratitude, and she lets his camera zoom in on it. As a grand finale, Kennedy forces a hungry Jay Ashley to eat sushi off her feet and lick her toes to boot. He obliges, acting much like a ravenous beast, and takes her invitation of "dining at [her] sushi bar" by diving between her thighs. Kennedy uses her feet to get him hard, rubbing her tits as she goes. At this point we're pretty sure Ashley has forgotten all about his hunger. "That's the kind of sushi I'm talkin' about," he says as she shows him her pink. She mounts up for the ride, he flips her over and does her mish, then creams on the tops of her toes. Like fine wine, Barefoot Confidential keeps getting better with age. Cast: Jenna Haze, Jessie J, Kennedy, Joel Lawrence, Jay Ashley, Andre Madness.

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