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  Rocco: Animal Trainer 06
Rocco: Animal Trainer 06

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Dvd Code: EE2131
Price: £24.00
Studio: Evil Empire
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Amanda Angel
Jessica Fiorentino
Monica Sweetheart
Sabina Mallory


Rocco: Animal Trainer 6 has a fetishy bent, with nearly all the scenes (save for the last) done with an eye toward kink couture. The first two scenes of the dvd rock, which is not to say the others are not up to Rocco's usual high bar of excellence. The dvd opens, appropriately enough, with Pussy - the person. Pussy, in a ball gag, force feeding another Euro-slut a ball-mounted dildo, putting her head into a toilet, flushing it and leaving her there. She lets another Euro-girl in through the window, and is met by Nacho Vidal and his crew of cunt. Vidal goes to the bathroom, to find the slut with her face down (in the toilet) and ass up - and hell, that's the way he likes to fuck. Lots of penetration while Vidal keeps her head in the toilet. Scene shifts to three girls outside, playing with a dildo and fucking one girl's asshole, as the groaning from the toilet echoes through the room. With the inclusion of a second cock, the scene develops into a full-blown four-girl, two-boy debauched orgy of Roman proportions, under the eye of would-be Caligula Siffredi, with lots of anal and ass to mouth. Sabine also shines as the dark-haired seductress who takes control of the women in the scene. In the following scene, Jessica dons fetish headgear and submits to the Madman's "tender" love - this includes some slapping and choking, and Siffredi penetrating Jessica with his toes. In an outtake at the end of the dvd, Siffredi stops mid-scene to explain to Malorie that Jessica likes it rough, and it's all good. Excellent stuff. The other two scenes, all multiple couplings, are also worth a watch and a stroke. The closer, taking place in a '50s Americana-themed restaurant/bar/strip club/whorehouse showcases Siffredi's energetic fucking with lots of anal and ass-smacking. Another hot Animal Trainer offering! Cast: Monica Sweetheart, Amanda Angel, Karma, Sabina, Jessica, Renata, Brenda, Katy, Leslie Taylor, Kevin Long, Ian Scott, James, Rocco Siffredi

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