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  Spanking 4-Film Set
Spanking 4-Film Set

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Dvd Code: TW4392
Price: £22.00
Studio: Syren Productions
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Taylor St Claire


These guys won't be able to sit down for a week after their vicious mistresses give them the thrashing of their lives in this Spanking 4-Film Set. There's no let-up in the spankings, which begins with Mallorys Torture Cabin. Mistress Mallory has a cozy little cabin in Quebec that she uses to train her out of town slaves, and has summoned Bart to come out from California to satiate her sadistic urges. Mallory hasn't played in a long time and subjects Bart to hair brush spanking, anal play, singletail whipping, caning, paddling and strapping. In The Battered Husband, Mistress Persephone comes home to find her slave/husband in the kitchen with an apron on trying to whip her up a meal. She immediately begins verbally abusing him and chastising him for his poor culinary skills. Mistress Aiden, dressed in a short black skirt and blue blouse, is punishing Bart for his tardiness in A Savage Thrashing. Aiden gives Bart a sexy over the knee hand spanking before cuffing him spread eagle to her bondage table. Aiden then tears into Bart with paddles, straps, whips and canes. She also administers a particularly vicious birching to Bart's ass and thighs that has him howling. Taylor St Claire plays the part of a rich and bitchy woman whose stockbroker has lost a lot of her fortune in the market in Bear Market Beating. If this bumbling idiot wants to keep investing her millions, then he had better take the beating she believes he deserves. Taylor starts out by giving Steve a lengthy dose of the belt as he is draped over her knee. She also blisters his ass with paddles and crops. Four full length films on one disc full of spiteful beatings, crimson asses and bitter put-downs. Don't upset these women! Cast: Taylor St Claire, Mistress Persephone, Mistress Mallory, Mistress Aiden, Others

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