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  The Wild Circle
The Wild Circle

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Dvd Code: PR3938
Price: £22.00
Studio: Private
Director: Susi Medusa
Source: Europe
Language: English + Others
System: PAL
Jessica Fiorentino
Krystal De Boor
Lucy Lee
Sandy Style


A girl dressed in white enters a warehouse-looking room with three guys on motorcycles, dressed in black leather. They rev each other up to the sound of loud techno-sounding music, and she takes all three on at once, in every hole she's got, simultaneously. A girl is dispatched to a dangerous man to retrieve a parchment, and another (the beauteous and buxom Krystal De Boor) sticks around to pleasure the guy who sent her. The dangerous man turns out to be two dangerous men, and she gets a double penetration but not the parchment. More sex ensues, including a boy/girl/girl with a dildo-assisted double penetration and an ass to pussy to mouth follow, and the parchment is retrieved, and then returned to the dangerous man, who turns out to be very dangerous indeed. There's anal a-plenty and a lot of leather and sunglasses and cigarettes in The Wild Circle, but it's mostly trappings of fetish attached to the usual high-gloss high-heat Private material. Cast: Jessica Fiorentino, Sandy Style, Krystal De Boor, Tina, Lucy Lee, Others

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