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  Barefoot Confidential 16
Barefoot Confidential 16

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Dvd Code: KA12821
Price: £21.00
Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
Director: Andre Madness
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Faith Adams
Tawny Roberts


Tawny Roberts suffers a little bit of a misstep in the opening scene of Barefoot Confidential 16 with Ricky until she cracks out the peanut butter and smears it on her French-manicured toes, demanding he lick it clean. Toe-sucking turns to clit-flicking, and later to cock-gobbling as Roberts gets down on her knees, toes pointed outward for our viewing pleasure, to suck and stroke. Ricky teases her glistening cunt with his meat, until Roberts pulls him into her, first on the pussy-pink couch for a couple positions, then on the white carpet for a bit of spooning. Interior designer questions aside, he cums on her size eight feet amid contented sighs from the both of them. Size seven Angel loves to manipulate men by acting a little slow on the uptake. She shows up at Rick Masters' house to sell cookies for the Special Olympics, but he talks her out of her shoes, then her top, followed by her panties. Luna picks up the pieces with a hilarious vignette in which she hosts a cable access show called Cooking With Discipline, featuring John West. When he botches slicing the peppers, Luna demands he do ten push-ups at her feet, which he does, pressing his nose and lips to her tootsies as he gets tired. Then West spills olive oil on her feet and the floor, and she demands he cleans it up with his tongue. He crawls the length of the kitchen, then lovingly sucks the oil off every inch of her feet. "Pull out your other worm, Worm," she instructs, then plays with her nipples as she rubs his cock with her arches. Soon he cums all over them, and she forces him to kneel and watch her jill off, peppering her solo with filthy colour commentary. The finale with size eight Faith and Kyle Stone, on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden taking a pause for tired feet, is a lovely finish to a fine dvd. Cast: Tawny Roberts, Angel, Luna, Faith Adams, Ricky, Rick Masters, John West, Kyle Stone

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