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  Barefoot Confidential 17
Barefoot Confidential 17

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Dvd Code: KA12822
Price: £21.00
Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
Director: Andre Madness
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Monica Mayhem
Monica Sweetheart


So many sets of pretty feet in Barefoot Confidential 17. Four pairs, in fact. Lola plays a compassionate and creative shrink whose foot-obsessed patient Lee Stone needs to work through his issues by fucking her and then creaming her pretty toes so she can lick them clean. Delia isn't too keen on her own feet, but since she's short money and is urged to share them with Andre Madness' camera, she oils them up and uses her toes on his cock. Housemaid Monica Mayhem seduces her employer, Pat Myne, with her adorable feet. Finally, Monica Sweetheart tapes a love letter video for her absent boyfriend, but gets some unexpected attention from her cameraman. Thoroughly enjoyable with excellent interactions and lovely feet. Cast: Monica Mayhem, Monica Sweetheart, Delia, Lola, Lee Stone, Andre Madness, Pat Myne, Jay Ashley.

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