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  Pain & Pleasure 1
Pain & Pleasure 1

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Dvd Code: YC18758
Price: £24.00
Studio: Kanda Productions
Director: M K
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Rose Wood


To start Pain & Pleasure 1, Bek nervously straightens her stocking tops as her feet are fastened wide apart to the bars of the cage. The Master binds her wrists and ties them above her head, stretching her pale body, making her look even more curvaceous. Her bald cunt trembles at the touch of her Master as he begins to gently tug on her long pussy-lips and her nipples stiffen as he plies her breasts with pain, then pushes his fingers into her outrageously wet slit. Sweet Charlotte has her slender white arms outstretched and bound with leather straps. She smiles, her eyes closed, as her Master approaches, the searing bite of the nipple clamps already making her flush with heat. Her legs tremble and her face is full of bliss from the force of his spankings, and the horse whip stings her into wild-eyed gasps of shock. Handsome Master M.K. is invited to join in - he knows Charlotte needs a lot of punishment. In this extraordinary scene she is brought to tears and orgasm. Fiona has cascading red hair. She is bound to a chair and cannot escape. Her big roped breasts redden. Mr Black admires her tiny pussy and begins to slap her breasts very hard. Heavy-duty clamps and weights are applied to her pierced nipples which are then whipped. All the while she is squirming, grinding her clit against the chair. Her torture moves through severe levels of pain - this girl is wildly masochistic, you will never see a woman cum harder than this! Rose's perfect breasts are bound by Mr Black - her large clitoris protrudes, already throbbing as she is restrained in a standing position, her feet forced apart. She sways moaning, as Mr Black brings her to a climax with a G. spot vibrator. He then fist-fucks a massive climax out of her. MK rips Sasha's red P.V.C. dress open. She is made to stand with her hands behind her head, and her whole body trembles constantly. MK takes a paddle to her bare arse, then ties her to a kneeling stool and flogs her. With a knobbly dildo in her butt and her lips clamped open, her clit juts out sharply - glistening pink. MK sees that she is tormented until her cunt gushes cream. British S&M at its very best here! Cast: Bek, Charlotte, Fiona, Rose Wood, Sasha, Others

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