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  Pain & Pleasure 2
Pain & Pleasure 2

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Dvd Code: YC18759
Price: £24.00
Studio: Kanda Productions
Director: M K
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Rose Wood


Bek stands obediently still in Pain & Pleasure 2, bound hand and foot to the walls in spread-eagle fashion. She is draped in red chiffon. MK enters the room and slowly unveils her. He warms her with a flogging then leaves her ready for the serious Mr Black. Mr Black ball-gags her and blindfolds her, then buries the G-Spot vibrator where it belongs. MK keeps the intensity up - tugging on her heavily clamped nipples. Her saturated snatch is testament to her thrill. Now Charlotte is smiling as MK makes her immobile. Truly masochistic, Charlotte is a delight to watch - her tortures are always an exquisite mixture of shock and shivering pleasure. Charlotte likes quite a high degree of pain and her rump reverberates with every lash of the whip. Her orgasm is amplified through the power of pain. Ebony-skinned Cookie submits to the sadistic skills of Mr Black, who, working quickly, binds her to the chair and ropes her up in an exquisite complexity of ropes, pulleys and bitching nipple-clamps. Restrained and flogged she closes her eyes then is taken out of her comfort zone with a cane on her sweet-spot, and teased with prickles and a juiced up vibrator on her twitching twat. She cums like a speeding train. Sasha begins already fully gagged and clamped awaiting the total control of Master MK. He slips a black butt-plug into her arse and yanks on her pussy chains. Her nipples are encased in suction cups and her facial expression is constantly that of a woman about to cum in agonised ecstasy. Rose is oozing anticipation as Mr Black instructs her to remove her dress. She holds her hair above her head as her pert breasts are roughly roped. Her feet are kept wide apart by a metal bar as she balances on too-high glass heels. Expertly and exquisitely restrained, weighted clamps are applied to her throbbing pussy lips and purpled nipples, her cries muffled by a red ball-gag. Mr Black skillfully brings her to a crescendo of climaxes. Cast: Bek, Charlotte, Cookie, Sasha, Rose Wood, Others

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